Q: What age range do you accept/Am I too old for Judo ?
A: We are an "adults only" dojo (Recreation Center rules), currently we have students aged from 18 to 47. Any age is good for starting judo with no upper limit.
If you are interested in judo for those less than 18 we have a sister dojo Riverside Youth Judo

Q: Do I need to be in good shape to start Judo ?
A: People of all shapes and sizes benefit from Judo. As with most physical activity, the more you do, the easier it becomes.

Q: Do you have any women in your dojo ?
A: Yes

Q: I have heard that you have a Judo program for the Deaf, is that true ?
A: We welcome all students of Judo. Nakama Sensei is one of our instructors and is the only Deaf USJF certified coach. He speaks both American Sign Language and Japanese Sign Language

Q: Are you a competition focused Dojo ?
A: Traditional Kodokan Judo is our primary focus, approximately %25 of our intermediate/advanced members compete regularly (and do very well). Most of our instructors compete. Please note that competition is a beneficial way to test one's skills, but it should not be the absolute focus of Judo.

Q: Do you need to be an UCR Student to attend ?
A: No, non students pay a slightly higher fee but approximately %20 percent of our members do not take other classes at UCR

Q: Are you open year round, or just when school is in session ?
A: With the exception of major holidays, UCR is in session the majority of the year.

Q: Where can I park ?
A: You can park right next to the rec center for $1.50 per hour (if spaces are available) or off campus on Linden or Canyon Crest for free.

Q: Do I need to wait until the next session starts before joining ?
A: We ask that members new to Judo start within the first week or two of the session. Experienced students can start anytime, but please contact us first

Q: Should I sign up for the begginer or the advanced class ?
A: We suggest that all students sign up for the beginner class initially. Most of our advanced students attend the beginner class as well. We segment the instruction based on skill level.

Q:How much does your class cost ?
A: For the beginner class the universtity charges $45 per quarter for students, $55 for non students. The advanced class costs more since it lasts a lot longer. You can sign up in the rec center (they accept cash/check/charge) even on the first day of your class. A judo uniform (Judo Gi) is not required for the initial couple of classes but you will need one as you continue. You can bring your own or you can purchase one from us at a significant savings over most stores. If you bring your own, make sure it is a judo or jujitsu gi as other martial art gi's are not as durable. Jujitsu gis can be used for practice, but not for judo competition.

Q: Is judo right for me ?
A: Yes. But if you want to try it out just to make sure, Please check with the rec center for refund their policy when you sign up.

Q: Do I, do you...?
A: Feel free to use the contact us form to ask us anything. We like talking about Judo.

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